On a lovely summer afternoon, on a small island off the coast of New England, seven year old Lisa Walden's birthday party ends with a tragic death after seven year old Zeke Freilich finds a gun in his father's boathouse.

Twenty years later, that same father, Bill Freilich, is invited to a holiday party along with some of his worst enemies:

Cody Walden, who still blames Bill Freilich for her sister's death.

Margaret Freilich, Bill's former wife.

Wynne Van Tillburg,who lives in poverty on the island after being fired by Bill.

Sam Beattie, who blames Bill Freilich for cheating him out of his inheritance.

Over the course of that weekend, still others (whom fans of the authors' previous novel, The Avenging ofNevah Wright, will recognize) develop motives and have opportunities to take their revenge on Bill Freilich. As tensionmounts, Asa Coombs, the island's part time deputysheriff, is burdened with the task of preventing another tragedy.

An insightful, and often humorous, foray into the livesand manners of those who live and summer on the beautiful islands off the Atlantic Coast.

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"Writing with a tart, knowing wit, the authors dissect this convoluted milieu with clinical precision.... the novel shines sharply as a subtly observed social realism."

-Kirkus Discoveries Review


Mildred Davis is the author of fourteen mystery novels, including They Buried a Man (Simon & Schuster), The Voice on the Telephone (Random House), and The Room Upstairs (Simon & Schuster) which won the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Award.

To learn more please visit MildredDavis.com

Her daughter, Katherine Roome, is the author of Letter of the Law (Random House), and co-author with her mother of Lucifer Land (Random House), an historical novel set in Westchester County during the Revolutionary War.

Midred Davis lives in Westchester County, New York and Katherine Roome lives in Washingston County, New York.

Roger G. Innes, grew up in New Jersey and attended Villanova University. He received his law degree from Ohio Northern University and practiced as a litigation lawyer in Philadelphia, South Jersey and Maine. He has been a Bar Harbor resident for over thirty years.



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Praise for Mildred Davis'
The Room Upstairs

"We defy you to put this one down before you've discovered why Kitten Corwith never left her upstairs room. If there had never been a 'novel of suspense' before, the phrase would have had to be coined to describe this story."

-San Francisco Chronicle

Praise for Katherine Roome's
Letter Of The Law

"Novels that display so high a quality of prose and sensibility are rare these days."

-Washington Post


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